thinking of boston.

(latest music obsession)

I finally rearranged my furniture after living here for two years. It looks great.

I’m never leaving (and everyone who’s been over since agrees).

In the spirit of my username…

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been MIA lately. I’m working on fixing that. 



For those of you in or near Seattle: stop by Gallery 110 during the Pioneer Square Art Walk on thursday. I’ll be there.

What I said.

Manfred Mann (Chapter III) - One Way Glass


This Science Fact (Canon A-1 ad)

Tumblr tells me to celebrate donut day with “A long walk and a good think.”

I walked halfway across town in 5 hours.

I have a degree in photography. 

And big thumbs.

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica. (from another WSDOT tweet)